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Группа авторов Leadership Styles - coronavirus-prognozy.ru

Группа авторов Leadership Styles

Fast track route to mastering effective leadership styles Covers the key areas of leadership styles, from developing a style to suit the situation and organizational type to cross-cultural issues and the new interest in 'servant leadership' Examples and lessons from some of the world's most successful leaders, including David Simon and John Browne, Konosuke Matsushita and Herb Kelleher, and ideas from the smartest thinkers, including Manfred Kets de Vries, Ed Schein, Gareth Jones and Bob Goffee, Ken Blanchard and John Adair Includes a glossary of key concepts and a comprehensive resources guide

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Группа авторов Les styles

Полный вариант заголовка: «Les styles : Poeme en 4 chants».


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Группа авторов The Military Leadership Handbook

Группа авторов Communication and Leadership in the 21st Century

Группа авторов Leading to Occupational Health and Safety

Leading to Occupational Health and Safety brings together prominent researchers to explore the pervasive roles that leaders play in determining the health, safety and mental well-being of employees in organizations. The first text to directly link organizational leadership behaviours with health and safety outcomes, covering theory, research and evidence-based best practice Argues that a leader’s impact can be far more far-reaching than is commonly realized, and examines the effects of leadership on safety, physical wellness and wellbeing, and psychological wellbeing Explores the theoretical underpinnings of effective leadership styles and behaviors, and advances both research and practice in order to encourage better leadership and healthier, safer organizations Features contributions from internationally known and respected researchers including Sharon Clarke, Kara Arnold, Fred Luthans, Ståle Einarsen, Julian Barling, and Emma Donaldson-Feilder

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Группа авторов Political Leadership in Korea

Included in this volume are studies of the traditional leadership of the Yi dynasty as well as twentieth-century legislative, party, and bureaucratic leadership, and an evaluation of views of political leaders in South Korea, as well as two studies of the Communist system in North Korea.

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Farida Saïdi A Study of Current Leadership Styles in the North African Church

Indigenous church leadership is a new phenomenon in North Africa. Until recently, non-Muslim background believers were the only leaders of churches in this region. With the current growth of national churches there are increasingly more leaders from a Muslim background leading to a diverse range of leadership styles. This publication, a first of its kind to specifically explore church leadership in North Africa, investigates common values, beliefs and cultures among church leaders. Using four identified leadership styles the author further expands by looking at the impact they have on congregations, society and the future development of church leaders in the region.

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Группа авторов Intrepid Warriors

Command and leadership are very personal endeavours. The manner in which an individual commands others and exercises leadership speaks more to the character and personality of the individual in question than it does to the concept of command or leadership in and of themselves. Intrepid Warriors takes an intimate look at a number of Canada’s finest military commanders and leaders during the crucible of war. Collectively, the chapters in this volume offer invaluable insights into different command and leadership approaches, behaviours, and styles. They also reinforce the timeless truth that the character and presence of courageous leaders are critical to military outcomes, particularly during times of ambiguity, uncertainty, and chaos.

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Dr. Brent Taylor Presidential Leadership

Timeless leadership principles demonstrating through the leadership actions of US Presidents Teaches US History and effective leadership styles Leadership principles for everywhere from the C-Suite to the kitchen table Demonstrates the positive actions of leaders while analyzing the common pitfalls Personalized themes of vision-casting, incarnational leadership, making tough decisions, relationship building, persuasion, and inspiration Teaches great principles for executives, parents, teachers, and students Designed to motivate those who are leaders or want to become better leaders

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Группа авторов Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership  provides an accessible, critical and engaging analysis of what constitutes ‘leadership’ today. Demonstrating leadership as an interconnected process between leaders, followers and context, the book ensures a rounded understanding of theory and practice to support students throughout their course and future career. Part 1: Contextualising Leadership  examines the internal and external forces influencing leadership, addressing issues such as ethics, power, culture and innovation. Part 2: Leadership Theories  reviews and analyses traditional and contemporary theories of leadership. Part 3: Managing People and Leadership  builds on the idea of leadership as a human process and considers how complementary aspects of HRM can inform leadership practice and its outcomes on employees and organizational performance. Part 4: Contemporary Leadership  considers topical issues including the shift of leadership studies towards followership, gender and leadership and pro-environmental leadership. Bringing complex theories and concepts to life through a range of case studies and examples, the book is further supported by a series of fascinating expert video conversations with those in leadership roles. From small social businesses to major multi-nationals, from the NHS to the frontline military teams, the videos offer a unique insight into the diverse reality of leadership in practice today.

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Группа авторов the u s naval institute on leadership ...

группа авторов the u s naval institute on leadership ethics купить по лучшей цене The volume is an edited book of 25 articles that have appeared in Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute. The material looks at naval leadership and ethics with respect to the individual leader and how the values and actions of the leader affect military cohesion, mission success ...

Группа авторов developing culturally relevant leadership ...

группа авторов developing culturally relevant leadership learning купить по лучшей цене The notion of culturally relevant leadership learning builds upon the ideas of developing leader identity and leadership capacity of diverse students. Focusing on four areas of leadership learning: education, training, development, and engagement, this volume presents a model ...

Группа авторов luther on leadership - Отличный выбор!

Группа авторов luther on leadership - лучшие цены для покупки в online! Найти Группа авторов luther on leadership в лучших интернет магазинах.

Северная зона ПВО — Википедия

Группа авторов. Войска противовоздушной обороны страны. — М: Военное издательство, 1968. Светлишин Н. А. Войска ПВО страны в Великой Отечественной войне. Вопросы оперативно-стратегического применения. — Академия наук �

Группа Авторов - Метрополитен

05.06.14. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue

Культ проект (группа авторов)

Культ проект (группа авторов) Наседкин Николай, 1954. Москва. Премия Кандинского. 2008, 2009, 2013 Персональная выставка «Black». 2013 Дашевский Александр, 1980.Ленинград Премии: SEAP, 2011. лауреат Кандинского, номинант Курехина, лауреат ...

Клуб любителей ансамбля Группа АВТОРОВ. | ВКонтакте

Ансамбль Группа АВТОРОВ - музыкальный коллектив успешно функционировавший на стыке ...

Группа авторов nanopharmaceutical - Отличный выбор!

Группа авторов nanopharmaceutical - лучшие цены для покупки в online! Найти Группа авторов nanopharmaceutical в лучших интернет магазинах.

Деловое письмо Группа авторов, 2018

Деловое письмо. 1. Характеристика деловых писем (Группа авторов, 2018) Перейдите на сайт, чтобы читать книгу целиком.

Административное право Группа авторов, 2010

Административное право. История развития административного права в России (Группа ...

Группа авторов - книги, биография

Группа авторов . Анекдоты . Sms-интим: 2011-09-19: 0 Кб: Sms-нашествие: 2011-09-19: 0 Кб: Мобила.ру sms-атака: 2011-09-19: 0 Кб: Юмористический сборник: 2011-09-19: 0 Кб: Экономика. Приоритетные национальные проекты. Цифры, факты, документы: 2011-09-19: 0 Кб

Группа Авторов / страница автора

Если Вы ищете что-то вроде "скачать фильмы бесплатно", "большие деньги", "пицца онлайн ...

Таяна Райтэ & Грэй Уоррен | Official Group | ВКонтакте

Группа ищет админов и дизайнеров. Желающие быть причастными к дружной команде, к творчеству авторов — пишите в сообщения группы. Таяна Райтэ и Грэй Уоррен — авторы, которые пишут для вас с любовью. Повествователи ...

Премия "Проектный лидер"

Единственная в России премия, посвящённая 12 национальным проектам и участию в них бизнеса.

Группа АВТОРОВ Новые звёзды 2014 - YouTube

"Группа АВТОРОВ" на xviii ежегодно-ежеводно-ежекрышном Фестивале "Улица Яблочных Лет" 5 июня 2014.

Группа авторов — КНИГА 24

Группа авторов— все что вы хотели узнать об авторе. Биография, книги, фото, интернет-магазина КНИГА 24

Art in Theory. Группа авторов. Скачать на телефон. Librs

Art in Theory. Группа авторов. Изобразительное искусство, фотография. . Читать онлайн с телефона ...

Традиционные концепции лидерства - Лидерство и стиль ...

22 Традиционные концепции лидерства. Несмотря на то, что лидеры и лидерство всегда осуществляли значительное влияние на курс развития мировой истории, глубокое их изучение началось лишь век назад.

Art in Theory. Группа авторов. Скачать на телефон. Librs

Автор произведения: Группа авторов. Серия: Жанр: Изобразительное искусство, фотография. Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited. isbn: 9781119591399. Краткое описание: Art in Theory: T he West in the World is a ground-breaking anthology that comprehensively examines the relationship of Western ...

Группа «Российский Союз Авторов-Исполнителей»

Группа «Российский Союз Авторов-Исполнителей»

Группа авторов БУВДВ3 | Электронная библиотека e-libra.me

Читать онлайн БУВДВ3. mocccp.МИНИСТЕРСТВО ОБОРОНЫ СССРБОЕВОЙ УСТАВВОЗДУШНО-ДЕСАНТНЫХ ВОЙСКЧАСТЬ iiiВЗВОД ОТДЕЛЕНИЕ В Боевом уставе воздушно-десантных войск, часть iii (взвод, отделение), излагаются основные положения по ...

Группа авторов — читать онлайн книги автора | Bookmate

Читайте лучшие книги автора Группа авторов. А еще отзывы о книгах и цитаты из произведений: Материалы по гл. 48 ГК РФ, Юмористический сборник

Рекомендации по проведению, описанию, редактированию и ...

группы — авторов или сотрудников, иногда называемых участниками научной работы, если в подписи под статьей (или в примечании) четко указано, что фамилии отдельных авторов приведены в другом месте документа, и ...

Виды и классификации лидерства - Лидерство в системе ...

В целом же он, по мнению группы, живет, радуется, страдает, принимает правильные решения, делает ошибки и т.п., как и все другие члены коллектива; 2) "Лучший из нас". Лидер, принадлежащий к данному типу, выделяется из ...

Группа авторов Квантик №08/2019 — Alibrary

Группа авторов Квантик №08/2019 author Группа авторов Форматы PDF в наличии Цена: 60.00 ₽ КУПИТЬ

Создание мультфильма: группа для авторов

Создание мультфильма: группа для авторов ha 1199 membri. Группа для создателей мультфильмов: авторов и исполнителей. Поиск соавторов, работников или работы. Консультации с коллегами.

ВИДЕО | "Это вы отравили Навального?" Журналистка CNN ...

Предполагаемым руководителем группы, по мнению авторов расследования, был Макшаков, поскольку именно с ним поддерживали постоянный контакт другие участники группы. Навального ...

Издательская группа Pleiades Publishing

Pleiades Publishing – международная группа компаний, образованная в 1971 году. Она публикует переведенные на английский язык научные и технические журналы и книги из России, бывшего Советского Союза, Китая и Японии, а также ...

Группа авторов "Steelus"

Группа авторов "Steelus" Другая сторона . Пятница. Притча о "некоторых" видоблогерах. За руку. Роль. Noname 1. Аренда. Первая публикация ...

Создание мультфильма: группа для авторов

Группа для создателей мультфильмов: авторов и исполнителей. Поиск соавторов, работников или работы. Консультации с коллегами.

Поэтическая группа №6 "Путь в неведомое" — Школа авторов

Руководитель: Владимир Хохлев Описание группы Как стать участником группы? Инструкция: Как опубликовать домашнюю работу в группе Домашние работы находятся здесь. Папки со всеми домашними работами находятся здесь.

Группа авторов Усходнія казкі — Alibrary

Группа авторов Усходнія казкі author Группа авторов isbn 978-985-18-4109-3 Форматы PDF в наличии Цена: 199.00 ₽ КУПИТЬ

Создание мультфильма: группа для авторов

Создание мультфильма: группа для авторов hat 1.196 Mitglieder. Группа для создателей мультфильмов: авторов и исполнителей. Поиск соавторов, работников или работы. Консультации с коллегами.

АБЗАЦ: Группа авторов / Документальная / Каталог книг

Группа авторов. Документальная. Полный Абзац - онлайн библиотека. Книги по рубрикам: Романы ...

Поиски группы Дятлова: как и кто искал погибших туристов ...

От авторов: В Кремль телеграмма Колеватовой была доставлена 27 февраля. В эти дни Римма еще не знает, что ...

Группа авторов - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Тени Чернобыля - скачать ...

Группа авторов. Читает . Группа чтецов. Сталкер. 08ч. 55м. 59с. Печально известная авария на Чернобыльской АЭС, произошедшая в 1986, и последовавшее формирование вокруг города Припять зоны отчуждения дало мощный толчок в ...

Группа читателей и авторов журнала KIMONO

Группа читателей и авторов журнала KIMONO has 1,339 members. Обсуждаем статьи и другие материалы номеров журнала KiMONO. Тут вы можете познакомиться с редакцией и задать любой вопрос автору статьи.

Группа авторов - Авиация, aerofax [PDF] :: RuTracker.org

Группа авторов - Авиация, aerofax [PDF] » Военная техника :: RuTracker.org

Группа читателей и авторов журнала KIMONO

Группа читателей и авторов журнала KIMONO hat 1.340 Mitglieder. Обсуждаем статьи и другие материалы номеров журнала KiMONO. Тут вы можете познакомиться с редакцией и задать любой вопрос автору статьи.

Автор: Группа авторов - Knigamir.COM

Knigamir.com - Russian books low prices in USA, Canada. A large selection of Russian classic and rare books, Ukrainian books, Russian literature, video, audio.

1001 sms-анекдотов (скачать fb2) — Группа авторов

Скачать книгу Группа авторов «1001 sms-анекдотов» в формате fb2 бесплатно и без регистрации, а также другие книги Группа авторов в формате fb2

10 лучших книг по лидерству | BBF.RU

Лидер — человек, пользующийся авторитетом и влиянием у какой-либо группы людей. Они признают за ним право руководства и полагаются на него при разрешении важных проблем и принятии серьезных решений.

Итоги конкурса "И помнит мир спасенный..."

3 степень – Группа авторов: Ульянова Екатерина, Калиновская Татьяна, Праслов Артём, Ласточкина Дарина, Косова Ольга, Черябкин Максим, Качура Марина. «Нет в России семьи такой, где б не памятен был свой герой». Самарска�

Группа читателей и авторов журнала KIMONO

‏‎Группа читателей и авторов журнала kimono‎‏ تحتوي على ‏‏١٬٣٣٩‏ من الأعضاء‏. ‏‎Обсуждаем статьи и другие материалы номеров журнала kimono. Тут вы можете...

Болезни домашних животных - Группа авторов, скачать книгу ...

Болезни домашних животных - Группа авторов, скачать бесплатно в формате fb2, epub, doc, или читать на сайте. Без регистрации и смс.

Группа авторов Большая энциклопедия техники | Электронная ...

Группа авторов Большая энциклопедия техники «Энциклопедия техники» – необычная, познавательная и удобная в использовании книга. Издание содержит около 2000 всевозможных технических ...

ZetaTalk - Авторов Группа, скачать книгу бесплатно в fb2 ...

ZetaTalk - Авторов Группа, скачать бесплатно в формате fb2, epub, doc, или читать на сайте. Без регистрации и смс.

Группа авторов The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual

Filled with pragmatic insights, proactive strategies, and best practices, The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual, Second Edition is destined to become your essential desktop companion. This thorough guidebook is essential reading for the CFO requiring an overview of strategies, measurement and control systems, financial analysis tools, funding sources, and management improvement tips.

11914.34 RUR

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Группа авторов CIO Survival Guide

CIO Survival Guide is a leadership manual for the emerging role of the Chief Information Officer. This book supports and guides CIOs in acquiring or enhancing their technical skills and leadership competencies to be a full and respected member of the Executive Team. It includes exposition and practice of the skills and competencies required to be a successful CIO.

7060.35 RUR

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Bernice Lott Women and Leadership

Over the past thirty years the number of women assuming leadership roles has grown dramatically. This original and important book identifies the challenges faced by women in positions of leadership, and discusses the intersection between theories of leadership and feminism. Examines models of feminist leadership, feminist influences on leadership styles and agendas, and the diversity of theoretical and ethnic perspectives of feminist leaders Addresses how diverse women lead, how feminist principles contribute to leadership, the influence of ethnic groups and the barriers that women face as leaders Transforms existing models of leadership by incorporating gender issues Looks to the future of feminist leadership and identifies what must be done to train and mentor the next generation of feminist leaders

13322 RUR

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Группа авторов Modern Systemic Leadership

This book supports a turn in the leadership paradigm: from environment to system, from manager to employee. It offers an introduction to essential managerial instruments for the improvement of Performance, like Staff Dialogue, Upward Feedback, Executive Coaching, or Business Ethics. Different leadership styles and techniques are explained as well as international and intercultural dimensions of Human Resources Management. Furthermore an innovative approach is developed to utilize System Theory and its interdisciplinary results in evolutionism, biology, physics, philosophy, cognition science and therapy for the design of Systemic Leadership. By this approach, readers will achieve a higher level of comprehension of how leadership actions may affect – or why they do not affect – the behavior of individuals or groups in enterprises and organizations. The book is intended – as a source of new ideas and creative proposals for Executives and Personnel Managers who, in their enterprises, want to put into practice an Extended Catalogue of Management Tools, and – for Students to accompany lectures in Business Administration with focus on Personnel Management. «In today's complex business environment, we urgently need a systemic approach to management and leadership. Cyrus Achouri's book is an important contribution to this new field. I am sure that readers seeking a deeper understanding of leadership will find it helpful and inspiring.» Fritjof Capra, author of «The Web of Life» and «The Hidden Connections»

6177.81 RUR

/ / похожие


Группа авторов Developing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning

The notion of culturally relevant leadership learning builds upon the ideas of developing leader identity and leadership capacity of diverse students. Focusing on four areas of leadership learning: education, training, development, and engagement, this volume presents a model of culturally relevant leadership learning in order to develop all student leaders. It proposes infusing the leadership development process with an understanding of how systemic oppression influences educational contexts and with an engagement in and across cultural differences. Our contexts and differences influence knowledge of self, others, cultural contexts and systems, and ultimately students’ knowledge and enactment of leadership.To this end, culturally relevant leadership development programs equip all students with the knowledge and skills to navigate diverse settings and lead culturally diverse groups and teams. Transforming the framework for how leadership programs are designed will result in contextually relevant leadership development programs and an increase in the breadth and depth of a diverse leadership cadre for our society. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

2656.22 RUR

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Группа авторов Leadership in Social Care

Social care needs excellent leaders now more than ever. Effective leaders aim high, listen to what the service users want and need, inspire their staff and continually question what they are doing and why. This book draws together the latest research on fundamental leadership issues in social care, discussing collaborative leadership and the importance of place-based development, exploring the key disciplines of supervision, management and leadership and examining the purpose of a learning framework for social care. Comparative approaches are also provided by practitioners working outside of social work, placing leadership development in context across the public, private and voluntary sectors and presenting authoritative guidance from an international perspective. Leadership in Social Care will appeal to social care practitioners and service providers, academics, researchers and students who are passionate about making a difference for the people who use their services.

2938.13 RUR

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Группа авторов Innovation Leaders

Innovation leaders promote and address the innovation agenda in their company. Through personal conviction or competitive necessity they are obsessed with providing superior value to customers through innovation. They know how to mobilize their staff behind concrete innovation initiatives and do not hesitate to personally coach innovation teams. For innovation to occur leadership has to be collective. To create a momentum for innovation in their company, leaders from different functions need to team up, to build innovation networks. Innovation leadership is not just an innate talent that can be selected at the hiring level. It can be developed within an appropriate company culture through careful leadership development, typically achieved through career management and coaching. Innovation leaders also need to stay on board and it is the responsibility of the top management team to create an attractive climate to develop and keep its innovation leaders. There are plenty of books that deal with innovation, or with new product development, or with leadership; this is different in its focus on the specifics of innovation leadership – that particular form of leadership that stimulates and sustains innovation. This book maps the broad territory of innovation leadership and contributes new thinking on the focus of the emerging leadership role of the CTO; distinction between ‘front end’ and ‘back end’ innovation leaders; the concept of aligning leadership styles with strategy; and the chain of leadership concept. Combining practice-based and empirical research-based observations with simple conceptual frameworks, illustrated by many company examples and case stories from a broad range of industries in the US and Europe, this is a systematic presentation of innovation drivers and their implications in terms of what leaders need to do to make it work.

3706.68 RUR

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Группа авторов Luther on Leadership

As a leader, Martin Luther shook the world. Yet, oddly enough, while a great deal has been written about his life, theology, and legacy, few authors have taken the time to examine his leadership characteristics. Luther on Leadership fills this gap by examining his life in light of modern leadership theories. This book looks at Luther's life from a variety of angles to show why he was such an effective leader. With chapters focusing on Luther as a change agent, transformational leader, adaptive leader, and more, this work will help the reader understand why Luther transformed the landscape of Europe. Examining not only his theological contributions, but also his contributions in fields such as law, politics, economics, and education, Luther on Leadership aims to give a holistic picture of Luther as a leader in many areas of society.

1618 RUR

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Группа авторов Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice

Scores of books and articles have been written in the popular press and mainstream marketplace about leadership: who leaders are, what they do, and why they matter. Yet in academia, there is a dearth of rigorous research, journal articles, or doctoral programs focused on leadership as a discipline. Why do top business schools espouse mission statements that promise to «educate the leaders of the future»– yet fail to give leadership its intellectual due?The Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice seeks to bridge this disconnect. Based on the Harvard Business School Centennial Colloquium «Leadership: Advancing an Intellectual Discipline» and edited by HBS professors Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana, this volume brings together the most important scholars from fields as diverse as psychology, sociology, economics, and history to take stock of what we know about leadership and to set an agenda for future research.More than a means of getting ahead and gaining power, leadership must be understood as a serious professional and personal responsibility. Featuring the thinking of today's most renowned scholars, the Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice will be a catalyst for elevating leadership to a higher intellectual plane – and help shape the research agenda for the next generation of leadership scholars.

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Группа авторов Leading in an Upside-Down World

The world as we know it has been turned upside down by recent events but it’s still a place where leadership is needed more than ever. Fifteen Canadians with highly diverse perspectives and richly different experience explore this timely question in Leading in an Upside-Down World . Chapter by chapter, stories of Canada unfold and future prospects for leadership grow clearer as these eminent Canadians explain how to «recognize leadership» in an age where old institutions and behaviours are being left behind. They also identify leadership attributes that endure. Leading in an Upside-Down World gives voice to both scholars and practitioners of Canadian-style leadership.

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